Help (English)

Creating a new account

Please select "Sign up” from the top page.

Type your email address, and password.

Please complete the account registration by clicking an URL available in a confirmation email sent to the registered email address.


Let's login to the service when the registration is completed.

This is the Draft List.

Setting your user name (a.k.a nickname)

We strongly suggest to set your user name before starting the writing to personalise your experience. Please select "Settings” from the draft list page to set your user name.

In the setting page, you can also set the password for attachment file to receive the latest draft.

Sleep mode

You can turn on the sleep mode if you don't want to receive reminders during a certain period of time in a day.

Creating a new draft

Let's create a new draft from the draft list page once the user setting is completed. The draft code, description, and reminder interval can be set to customise the experience for you. For your reference, 24 hours are 1440 minutes.

Detail information such as a dedicated email address for downloading will be shown when a draft is successfully created.

Your first reminder message

You will receive the first reminder message from Editorship when a new draft is created. Please check your mail box including a junk folder.

The reminder message has a section to write a new text as well as to change the date/time for the next reminder.

Now, let's write the first sentence in a replied message! You can change the reminder time at the same time.

Confirmation message

A confirmation message will be sent when Editorship receives new texts.

Draft status

You can see the draft status has also been updated.

Downloading the latest draft

Please send an empty message to the dedicated email address to receive the latest draft in a zip file. The address is available both in the confirmation message or draft list page.

Happy Writing!