Editorship.me Privacy Policy

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Last update date: March 14, 2021


Editorship.me allows customers to create their own drafts by emailing them to and from Editorship.me. You can also use the service in a variety of other ways, such as downloading your draft from Editorship.me via email. To make it easy for customers to use Editorship.me with confidence, this page explains how Editorship.me uses and protects customer information. We hope you will take time to read it carefully.

Information we collect

User registration is required to use our services fully. We are protecting your draft data and othres from third parties by the authentication method by a combination of mail address and password.

You can save information such as drafts and additional notes and other informations in Editorship.me.

Also, at the time of user registration, you do not have to use the e-mail address containing the real name or the e-mail address containing information that allows you to identify yourself. If you are concerned about privacy, we recommend that you get a anonymous e-mail address somewhere and use it instead.

How we use information we collect

Editorship.me does not provide or disclose information such as drafts, notes, etc. saved by customers to third parties unless customers acknowledge it beforehand or there are other legitimate reason. However, when following instructions or orders based on laws and regulations by public institutions, we may disclose information without asking customers.

When you forget your password, we will use your email address to send an email to reset the password. In addition, we may use the e-mail address when there is a need to send serious announcement such as service stop.

Access Analysis

We use access analysis tool "Google Analytics". To learn more about our data usage by Google when using Google Analytics please see below. https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/